Spurs go head to head with City and Chelsea for £10 million forward

Tottenham have now joined the battle to sign the Red Bull Salzburg forward Sadio Mané. Tim Sherwood is planning to splash cash in the range of £10 million.

Reportedly, the Spurs’ manager has sent a scout twice already. And now he wants the player to be scouted for the rest of the season. According to sources, it seems Sherwood is quite keen to bring the player to White Hart Lane in the summer transfer window.

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The Senegal international has scored 25 goals in 45 games for the Austrian outfit. Included in this tally are the 4 goals he scored in 9 Europa League games. The 21-year-old is comfortable playing as a winger as well as a striker.

His brilliant form this season has put him on the radar of some big Premier League clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea. Also, because of his blistering form Salzburg are leading the Austrian Bundesliga by a whooping margin of 27 points.

It is believed that the player will snub Manchester City and Chelsea to join Tottenham this summer. It has been advised to him that it is more likely that he would get more first team chances at White Hart Lane than anywhere else.

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Goals Galore

If you are an avid gambler, chances are that you will have at some point in time dabbled with the idea of gambling in sports. If you are interested in this, one of the products that you may have come across is Goals Galore. If not, the question that you are likely to ask yourself is ??what is goals galore from betfred?’, a question that many people normally ask when they first come across the product. In a nutshell, Betfred is a company that specializes in making it easier for people to bet on sports through various digital platforms including their phones. This means that by signing up to this service, you will find it easier to place the bets you are interested in, and this in turn means that you will be in a better position to satisfy your needs in this regard.

There are a number of reasons why many people prefer to use this platform as opposed to many others. One of the most common is the fact that the use of Goals Galore is a lot easier compared to other digital platforms. For instance, there are some gambling services that are designed with very complex interfaces, and this means that people who use them are likely to have a very hard time using them well. This in turn makes it easier for them to lose money, since they will have a higher chance of getting things wrong. However, when you use Goals Galore from a company such as Betfred, this is something that you should not be worried about much.

In addition to that, it’s also apparent that this product has a lot of support from many people around the country. Most of the people who have used it have found it to be a trustworthy platform, and this is why its popularity has been increasing in the recent past. If you ask most people for more information about how they have used this service, most of them will have nothing but glowing reviews about the company, and this in turn means that you can also trust it to deliver as well.

In summary, if you are interested in gambling and are thinking of using a trustworthy, secure and proven platform, you should consider using goals galore from Betfred. Most of the people who come across it and ask the question ??what is goals galore from betfred’ normally end up trying it out and never looking back.

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Cardiff City Football Club Donating £1 Million to Local Charities

It has been announced that Cardiff City Football Club and the club’s majority owner, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, is going to be donating £1 million to a range of local charities so they can carry on doing great work in the community.

The club has launched the Thanks a Million campaign, a programme that will see the football club giving away this large sum of money to a selection of local charities. Tan Sri Vincent Tan has also promised that, as long as he remains Cardiff City Football Club’s controlling shareholder and the club stays in the Premier League, he will donate the same amount once each year to charities in the area.

Cardiff City’s chairman, Mehmet Dalman, states that he’s proud to be a part of this campaign and is appreciative of Tan Sri Vincent Tan’s large and generous donation.

Somewhere in the region of 50 charities in the Cardiff area and across South Wales have been picked to receive a share of the money. These include Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales – whose founders Paul & Yvonne Lubas and Bob & Glenys Evans started the charity after attending a Bobarth Centre in London – and Valley Kids – whose director of operations is Margaret Jervis – a charity which aims to help out disadvantaged children and families.

All the money donated will stay in Wales, where it can do some good helping out the vulnerable or needy. The idea behind this is so that Cardiff City Football Club can support the local people who have been supporting them in turn.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan said that he believed that the club’s promotion into football’s Premier League was a blessing from god. As such, he thinks that using the blessing in a positive manner and giving back to the community that has supported their success is the right thing to do. He says that since their promotion is due not only to the skill and hard work of the players, but to the dedication and hard work of the supporters, he wants to share the spoils by giving to those in need.

Cardiff City Football Club looks forward to being able to continue supporting the local community and hopes, for this reason amongst others, that it remains in the Premier League for many years to come.

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Coral Football Jackpot

Coral football jackpot is an easy way that can make you win great money by betting the outcome of your favourite football team. You just need to predict the outcome of 15 matches and you win the jackpot.

You can bet the outcome of your matches by following the following instructions;

Place your entry by making a selection for a home win, draw or away win for the fifteen matches on the entry slip provided in Coral shops. Permutations are only accepted if they have more than one selection per match. To calculate the cost of permutations multiply number of selections on each match together.

Lucky dip entries are accepted from a minimum stake of £ 1. Pool software selects an entry at random when you request a lucky dip entry.

To win the pool you are required to select a match result that is a home win, draw or away win of all 15 matches to win a share of the jackpot pool or

Match result of any 14 of 15 matches to win a first consolation dividend or

Match result of any 13 of 15 matches to win a second consolation dividend are eligible to receive a share of the prize pool.

If there is a roll over that is no jackpot winner only new stakes placed in the next pool will be subject to a pool deduction.

All matches are settled on the official result after ninety minutes including injury time. Extra time and penalty shoot outs are not include.

The jackpot pool is shared amongst winners in form of dividends calculated as total entries that is gross pool less the pool deduction of 30 percent equals 70 percent of gross pool which is net pool divided by number of winning entries. 365 bet

If there is a roll over that is no jackpot winner only new stakes placed in the next pool will be subject to a pool deduction.

Seventy percent of net pool will be given to jackpot pool winners.

Twenty percent of net pool will be given to first consolation winners.

Ten percent of net pool will be given to second consolation winners.

In case a failure that prevents declaration of a dividend the stakes of the pool may be refunded except for any roll over added to the pool from previous week which will rollover to the next or the weekend pool.

If no jackpot is won the monies are carried forward to the next jack pot pool in its entirety.

To place your bet you must follow the following terms;

You should be 18 years old or above.

Football jackpot operates weekly.

Minimum bet is £ 1. Permutations are only accepted in whole£ 1s.

Customers betting in other currencies will be charged the currency equivalent.

Clients who win shall be eligible to receive the corresponding prize.

All bets must be placed before the advertised closure time of the pool which is the first scheduled kick off time of the fifteen matches on the entry slip. Any bets place after closure will be deemed void.

All matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play including injury time. Extra time and penalty shoot outs shall not be included.

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Gareth Bale Madrid

Gareth Bale was the source of many jokes at Tottenham a few years ago but today he is the most expensive player in the world. The meteoric rise of the Welshman is nothing short of a fairytale. He has a tremendous speed, great strength and he also possesses all the skills and qualities that a top player like him should have. The current wages of the latest Galactico is £300,000. Some might disagree that the Premier League Player of the Year 2013 is not worth that much but that is how highly Real Madrid rates him.

Bale came in to limelight in 2010 when he scored a hattrick against European champions Inter Milan. The 24-year-old proved to be a nightmare for Maicon as he bulleted past him on every occasion he got the ball. Bale is the second youngest player to play for Southampton after Theo Walcott. Also, he is the youngest Welsh player to represent his country.

Bale began his career as a left-back for the Saints and after just one year of service he got a big transfer to Spurs. Bale developed reputation as a free kick specialist. At times, he was kept out of the team by Benoit Assou-Ekotto but now he is the most sought after attacker in the world.

After becoming a regular for the North Londoners, Bale has given some very consistent and powerful performances. At times, Spurs were termed as a one man team. In his 146 appearances for the club, Bale scored 42 goals and being a winger this is an excellent tally. His brilliant crosses and assists from the wing are also commendable. The Welshman has proved to be a complete player and his playing style is very much alike his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid signed Bale for £85 million which is even more than Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer fee. The Portuguese has been sensational since arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu and has proved that he was worth every penny that Real Madrid paid for. It is now Gareth Bale’s turn to feel the kind of pressure that the best player in the world feels. Nothing short of a Champions League trophy will satisfy the fans after spending so much cash in the transfer window.

Bale would most probably have to live under the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo as he would rarely get a chance to take free kicks, penalties and might even get lesser goal scoring opportunities. If Bale flunks on the field, the Real Madrid faithful might not even support him as the club President Perez has sold two of the crowd favourites Ricardo Kaka and Mesut Ozil. Bale has proved his mettle in the Premier League but only time will tell if the young star could cope up to the pressure of staying at the top and if he would bring glory to the Spanish capital?

Celebrate Gareth Bale’s move to Madrid with this this Personally Signed Gareth Bale Signed Real Madrid Shirt 2013/4

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Let us face the facts

Let us face the facts: online gaming is the order of the day in the modern world. There are several online gaming sites but bet365 deserves a big mention. Based in the United Kingdom, Bet 365 Group Limited is a world class online gambling group that was founded in the year 2000 by Peter Coates. This group offers variety of online betting and gaming opportunities that keep its over 7 million members fully engrossed in their PCs or android devices.

For instance, 365bet offers betting opportunities for football in all the major tournaments in Europe including The Barclays Premier League, (England) Serie A, (Italy) Primera Liga, (Spain) Bundesliga 1(Germany) and Champions League, which incorporates the elite teams of all major European soccer leagues. The amazing betting experience is extended to basketball, volleyball, tennis, cricket, ice hockey, horse racing greyhound racing, rugby, Motorsports Gaelic sports, winter sports and golf. The list is long. For each game, the elaborate live in-play and live streaming capability adds color to the already good package not forgetting the gratifying odds which accentuate the players earnings.Thus if you are a fan of a specific game, then dont just watch it: make some money out of it.

Bet365 is also the home of a variety of casino games which are compliant of the prevailing online gaming rules and regulations. The games played include blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker, to mention but a few. Furthermore, financials, online games and Bingo can be played at the click of mouse at the official bet365 website. One can also download the games and play them on their computers or iPhones and iPads. There are several online tournaments to ensure that no one is locked out.

For each of these gaming services, there are several bonuses offered to both new and existing members. They include:

The Euro Soccer Bonus which applies to the European soccer leagues. New customer bonus of $ 100 free bets. Initial match bonus of $ 200 for casino games New player bonus of $ 1000 for poker games Initial match bonus of $ 200 for other online games Welcome bonus of $ 40 for Bingo. If you open an account or refer a friend, you are also entitled to a promotional bonus. There are also promotions that are specific to horse racing, greyhound racing, Basketball and US and Australian Sports
Bet365 keeps his members informed about what is happening in the sports arena under the sports betting news option. The deposit and withdrawal options are convenient for all users and the ability to place both quick and standard bets for various odds ensures that there is something for all and sundry.

Customer service is elaborate, and just a call on one of these numbers guarantees you expertise technical assistance: +1 866-273-0934, +44 1782 684757, +1 866-333-3238, +1 866-736-5385, and +1 866-811-1365. It is also possible to chat with the customer care representative if you require immediate solutions.

Concisely, bet365 is the home of online gaming and entertainment. If you are a fan of any game including boxing, darts, snooker, futsal, bowls, lotto or even cycling, then Be365 is the way to go. Obviously, you have to be aged eighteen years and above.

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Netball Coaching Tips – Training Future Stars

Once you’ve got yourself a team of dedicated semi-pros to work with, much of the training takes care of itself. They already know the score pretty well, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for bad habits and coach on a few enhancements here and there

Working with younger kids however is a little more difficult – some haven’t yet discovered their passion for netball and others simply make training a pain in the proverbial. That being said, the satisfaction that comes with training youngsters really cannot be compared to anything else the game offers – these could be the future netball stars of the world and you’re their muse.

It’s all about taking the right approach from the get-go and accepting that the job isn’t going to take care of itself. So with this in mind, what follows are a few of the more crucially important tips from seasoned professionals on getting through to junior netball teams:


When it comes to shooting, tell your younger players it’s all about the BEEF…something they won’t soon forget. Why BEEF? Simple really, it’s an easy to remember acronym that covers all the most important elements required for solid shooting:

  • Balance – Standing with feet at shoulder width with both feet pointing straight in the direction of the post. You can always draw a guide on the floor if it helps.
  • Eyes – Never taking their eyes off the prize/net while shooting, being sure to focus on a spot slightly above the net to aim for.
  • Elbow – Elbow pointing to the net and hand near the ear is how the arm should be prior to shooting. Tell them to use their elbow like aiming the barrel of a gun and make sure it doesn’t slip to either side.
  • Flick – After extending the arm to throw, the flick or follow-through is the last step in the shooting process.

See – it really is all about the BEEF!

Player Positions

One of the best ways to communicate the different positions is to play a game or two where the whole team rotates positions when you blow your whistle and continues to do so for the whole game. This way, they not only gain an understanding of the names of the positions, but also what’s involved.

Passing and Catching

Some dive straight in by throwing the ball at the head of the kiddies taking part – this isn’t usually the best idea. Instead, assume that passing and catching is something totally new to all taking part and start right at the bottom – bean bags being your best friend. Throwing and catching the bean bag over increasingly large distances improves no only coordination, but confidence as well. Once it’s all going smoothly without a hitch, introduce the ball itself and take it slowly.

Court Movement

What you’re looking to do here is coach on how to move safely and effectively on the court, which often means sharp turns, rapid stops, frequent jumping and so on and so forth. So rather than sticking with a few standard straight-line runs, have your team stand in a line and call out random orders – touch the ground, jump in the air, turn left, step right, step backward and so on – excellent for developing coordination.


A great tip to try out when looking to teach defence skills is the so-called ‘shadow’ defending approach. In short, this involves having the attacker stand in front of the defender and asking them to make random movements left, right, forward and backward – no more than a step or two at a time. The defender is challenged with acting like a mirror image of the defender and reacting to their moves as quickly as possible. This naturally develops core defence skills and can be a lot of fun.


One of the most difficult skills or traits to get across of all can be that of teamwork – some young players are just predisposed to the contrary. This isn’t the kind of thing you can just teach in a single lesson, so be sure to promote a gaming environment where there are no losers as such and where players are incentivised to cooperate and play fair. Mistakes must be made light-hearted, less-able players should have their involvement increased rather than limited and those of the highest skill levels should be made ‘buddies’ to help coach their teammates.

If you are looking to develop your skills, consider joining the London netball leagues for health, sport and fun.

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Best Betting Odds at OddsPower.com

OddsPower is a free odds comparison service where you can follow 24/7 real time football betting odds, basketball betting odds and tennis betting odds. OddsPower is your best betting partner to calculate and find the best available sport bets from a variety of leagues (English Premier League and Spanish La Liga to NBA Basketball and tennis Grand Slams among others).


Oddspower provide users with plenty of sports betting tools and gives you opportunities to maximize your potential betting winnings. Oddspower is your football betting odds comparison with several free betting services :

  1. Hot Volume Odds is an insight in more than 30 bookmakers with a clear odds trends picture so as to be always informed about odds ups and downs while
  2. Dropping Odds tool presents the odds that encountered a big drop recently due to various reasons (important players absence or injury, coach plans and tactics for the match, history , H2H , etc).Also you can find
  3. Sure Bets, which are calculated, based on mathematical formula and you can gain winnings for sure by placing one bet per outcome. All bets are being placed on different bookmakers. The winning bet will cover loosing bets and provide a winning percentage no matter of match final result. Sure Betting is also popular as arbitrage betting and you have to place higher bets so as to take advantage of odds offering from several bookmakers.
  4. Value Bets are provided by comparing bookmaker’s price and presenting the attractive ones based on market difference and other stats we have calculated – winnings in long-term basis.
  5. Betting Bonuses and FreeBets Offers presents Bookmakers Sign Up Bonuses, 1st Deposit Bonuses ,  FreeBets , CashBack offers.  Find the latest bonus offers and place your bets to English Premier League or UEFA Champions League matches.
  6. Betting Reviews so as to have a clear and fair picture about bookmakers profile and available services such as customer support, bonuses, odds, live betting and live streaming , banking methods and contact details.
  7. My OddsPower  , You can register for FREE and you can keep your betting coupons so as to keep record of your winning and your bankroll .Also competitions and prizes for register users


For those who want to plan bets and possible winnings, there’s Next Matches category with all available live odds to compare and find the best bets.You can claim free bets, bonuses and other betting offers from the world’s best betting sites such as bet365, Paddy Power, William Hill.  You can create your betting coupon and find the best betting odds available from more than 30 online bookmakers.

Just register, compare the odds and follow all latest sport betting odds events based on football betting, basketball betting and tennis betting. Premier League Betting Odds, Champions League Odds , NBA Betting Odds and ATP, WTA, Grand Slam Tennis Odds are among the most popular ones. Shortly you will be able to follow all NBA Live Stream matches powered by sportstreaming24.com your live sports streaming parther.

Follow  us for latest news , updates and competitions via

  • Facebook : @OddsPowerBettings
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  • Google+ : gplus.to/oddspower

Choose the matches you’re interested in and consult your best betting partner – OddsPower’s here for you!

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Unogoal Livescore

Unogoal Livescore is one website that has earned a reputation for providing global web users a one-stop site for sports information, data service as well as an interactive community to meet their needs and interests. Compiled with data and in-depth content from an experienced editorial team, Livescore.unogoal.com covers in-demand topics such as Livescore soccer and news events about world Cup 2014 in addition to first-class sports information in a variety of sports from American football and basketball to tennis and more.

Unogoal is available in English and will soon be available in other languages to enable all site visitors to access accurate news, match reports, battle formations, technical statistics, real-time scores and odds comparison, historical data, forward analysis and other diversification services.

The user-friendly website provides convenient categories in the header so visitors can quickly access the sport in which they are most interested or browse all of the categories to catch-up on the latest from the sports world. A search engine tool above the header enables users to type in the exact information they are seeking.

Livescore.Unogoal.com was designed to be the premier source for sports lovers who want to stay up-to-date with their favorite teams. “As a professional site, unogoal.com can meet each aspect of your need with a good sport industry background. The site has an outstanding editorial team, providing the fastest most accurate news and sports information.”

“With a few clicks around the website, visitors can find latest Livescore results, standings, lineups and match details, odds comparison, result fixture, match data, and match analysis.”

The right side-bar of the site lists headlines and links to the most popular and current sports news, such as news events about Euro 2012. For visitors who want immediate access to the latest scores, they can select the icon on the right side-bar, Follow All Livescores Live.

By selecting New above the header, visitors can see all of the most recent news stories in chronological order, so they are never out of touch with what is happening in sports worldwide. The news stories are accompanied by high quality sports images for visitors to enjoy.

unogoal is a professional sports website geared to global web users. Currently available in English with other languages coming soon, the site is the premier source for the fastest and most accurate Livescore news, including first-class sport information and data, news events about Euro 2012, and match reports, statistics, scores and more for a wide-variety of sports categories. Featuring an outstanding editorial team,  unogoal provides extensive editorial content and high quality images. For more information visit, http://unogoal.com

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Super 6

Super 6 is one of the most exciting football games online. It is so easy to join, easy to play and comes with lots of prizes to be won. Here is a lowdown on what it entails;


Once you are on the super 6 homepage, click join and complete your personal details. You will then be asked to choose a user ID and user password. Enter the two and proceed with the registration. If you have a Sky Bet account, you might consider using the Sky bet password and user ID as it becomes quicker to register for Super 6.

You can only have one Super 6 account though. If you are found to have intentionally opened multiple accounts for malicious gain then all your accounts shall be closed and all entries from such a player will be disqualified and will not be eligible for any promotions or prizes.

Scoring points on Super6

The next step is to score points and start winning prizes.

Start by submitting your predictions. You have to submit your predictions by the kick off time of the first game of the round advertised on the game site. To win prizes on Super 6, you are required to make predictions of a given set of 6 games as will be determined by the Super 6 team. The games will always be available on game site which you can access from the Super 6 home page.

Currently, you score 5(maximum) points from each game where you predict the perfect score e.g. If you predict 2-1 and the match ends in a 2-1, you get the maximum points. However, you will now also score points if you get the right score but come short of a perfect score for example if you predict 2-1 and the score ends in a 3-2. Your team still wins but the margin is not as you predicted, in this case you earn 2 points.

You can always make changes to your selections anytime before kick-off of the first game of the round.

Weekly monthly and season leagues

Super 6 has three sets of draws, the weekly, the monthly and the season league. Weekly draws are compiled at the end of the set of six games in any given round, monthly league are pints accrued over a monthly calendar and season draws are total points garnered at the end of a playing season.

What is there to be won?

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